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Effective Moving How-To Guide


Learn some tips and tricks to help you move more efficiently with advice from The Moving Men. We'll teach you how to pack for your move, packing methods, and much more. Call us for any specific questions you have in regards to special items like pets, plants, and antiques.


How-to guide on what you should move

  • Pet moving
  • Houseplants
  • Packing guide
  • Protect your valuables
  • Hold a moving sale
  • Moving antiques
  • Deduct moving from your taxes


What to hand-carry during a move


We always recommend that you take certain personal belongings with you in case they are lost and cannot easily be replaced. These items would include – fine jewelry, coins, stocks, titles, deeds, closing documents, wills and other important paperwork. Also remember to take you prescriptions and medical records and any personal firearms, since were are not authorized to transport them. If you need help determining what personal items you should pack and transport yourself, please call us to discuss.